Start Up Story

Ivan graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2017 with a Mechanical Engineering Diploma,  Minoring in Business management. He was part of the pioneer batch of GEIP that went to Silicon Valley in 2016, interning in Kaneshka Designs. After graduation, he went to NS and served in the Air Force for about 2 years.

Fatfreq is a local In-Ear Monitor (IEM) company produced locally in Singapore. Ivan and 2 other co-founders started Fatfreq out of passion and curiosity. They started repairing damaged IEMs, gained experience and managed to pick up skills and knowledge to manufacture their own IEMs today. Ivan hopes to be able bring their expertise and services worldwide, with the plan of expanding to the Southeast Asian market first. 

Fatfreq is currently located at 29A Mosque Street, Kreta Ayer Conservation Shophouse, Chinatown. 

Ivan has applied for Mechanical Engineering in NTU and got accepted into direct 2nd year in the course. However, he decided to take the entrepreneurship route instead, seizing a golden opportunity to run Fatfreq instead, while trying to assure his family of this major decision.

Imaginary Films

Start Up Story

Joshua graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2017 from the School of Films Media Studies  FMS. He was part of the pioneer batch of GEIP that went to Silicon Valley in 2016. Inspired by this internship experience, he decided to take the plunge and start his own media production house that pursues life beyond mediocrity. 

At the heart of Imaginary Films, authentic relationships, stories and characters are prioritised. Relationships matter because they are built upon trust, and people work with people they trust. Stories matter because authentic stories inspire action. Character matters because above performance, it is character and attitude that qualifies a person.

Upon these values, Imaginary Films help brands, organizations and individuals tell their stories through film, with impact in mind. Beyond numbers, beyond figures, beyond mediocrity. 

Drivewise Autoparts

Start Up Story

Drivewise Autoparts is the leading online automotive parts platform that brings automotive parts to you anywhere, anytime.

At Drivewise Autoparts, car owners are able to take ownership via direct auto-parts purchase. Drivewise Autoparts strongly believes that all vehicle owners should be equipped with the essential knowledge about cars and their spare parts.

Their range of products cater for Japanese and Korean vehicles and is the sole distributor for Hankook Frixa Brake Systems in the Singapore market.


Start Up Story

Alphaese helps to build effective and efficient web solutions for SMEs and non-profits. They guide businesses on their digital journeys, and help them build their digital strategy and solutions!


Start Up Story

Heart-to-Heart moments are hard to come by these days. With increasing digitalization, we have somehow become more emotionally disconnected than ever before. Loneliness looms over youths as they struggle to connect and build real bonds with the people around them. 

Vessels is an online brand that believes in starting intentional conversations. TableTalk by Vessels is an intentional card game that creates meaningful conversations. Through our thought-provoking and self-reflective content, we have been able to gamify the conversations. Questions like “Do you feel loved right now?” or “What are you holding onto that is holding you back?” really gets you thinking. Action cards keep things silly and fun because fun is part of the relationship-building process too! We have built a community on Instagram where we post relatable and convicting content as well. Vessels envisions a day when meaningful conversations become a “TableTalk” norm.

SG Tutoring

Start Up Story

SGtutoring is a one-stop educational platform for personalized learning and a Singapore home tuition agency. We find the best home tutor based on your requirements such as experience, budget, and time.  

At SGtutoring, we seek to empower students in their education through personalized learning and home tuition. We believe that every child deserves the chance to learn. Not only to learn but to learn in a way whereby it is best catered to each child – at an individual’s pace, learning style, and convenience.

SGtutoring started with a simple mission of helping students to reap the benefits of personalized learning through home tuition, thus we started helping parents to find suitable home tutors for their child.  

Our vision to empower students globally stays true every single step of our way till today. We care about your child’s success and it’s our mission to learn and grow in this journey together with them. 


Start Up Story

Curatable.Co is a Design & Communications platform where companies get matched with talents for all their creative needs. Talents are vetted and screened by a panel to determine their skill set and how they can best contribute to clients. Low cost, low risk is our promise to clients as we keep costs low while providing quality work. Talents can also join us to upskill themselves through our bi-annual workshops and classes. This helps our talents to improve their skills and continue learning outside of their niche.

Some of our previous clients include, but are not limited to; Redefine Wellness, The FinLab by UOB, GohBakeACake, Reactor and Rocket Digital PL.



Start Up Story

At Carbon, our mission is to create comfortable, protective and reusable face masks. Our mask comes with advanced filtration technology, blocking 95% of airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. The three-ply ensures that your face stays protected from harmful aerosol transmissions and respiratory droplets. Designed for all-day wear and protection, we feature two series —— Carbon Air and Carbon Classic, all of which is lightweight, ultra-soft and breathable. The ultimate urban mask.