The Global Startup Challenge enables students to strengthen entrepreneurial skills, develop global mindsets and be exposed to innovation in the greater world. All students in the programme will have access to experienced business coaches and industry mentors.


We offer our interns the opportunity to work in teams to develop their own business idea with a global perspective. Through hands-on experience and close mentorship from business coaches, teams will gain a deeper understanding of business planning, prototype building and pitching. 

Students will participate in a 3.5 days Global Startup Hackathon with overseas participants from other institutions.


The Challenge offers students the opportunities to demonstrate their skills in developing their business idea with a global perspective while tackling real world problem statements and themes. The hands-on experience will deepen understanding of the startup culture in different cities and heighten their global perspectives.


A 3.5-day global hackathon prior to the start of internship with overseas students. You will learn relevant technical skills, problem identification, ideation, prototyping, customer validation and how to do an Elevator Pitch.

By the end of the hackathon, you will have created a functioning prototype and will be prepared to deliver a professional product pitch to a panel of judges. 



You will apply the startup skills learned in Global Startup Hack to work on a new business venture with a global perspective. Working in teams, you will learn how to develop a business plan, conduct customer validation, build a prototype, run financial modelling and pitch for funding by the end of internship.


With coaching and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and business mentors, students will gain practical guidance in developing value propositions and validating their business idea. 

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Teams will pitch their business idea to a panel of judges at Showcase Day. Shortlisted teams will be invited for a second pitch at Demo Day, to a panel of potential investors. 


Are you ready to skyrocket your growth, develop your entrepreneurial traits and see your work make a difference?

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