Social Pitstop

Social Pitstop is CSR platform to match SMEs to social enterprises based on their needs and vision. We partner Small Medium Enterprises to identify and connect with Social Enterprises that are aligned with the companies’ vision and mission, thus creating impactful, sustainable, and cost-effective CSR activities. 

Kato Kato

KatoKato’s goal is to revolutionize the social commerce space. We are building solutions to improve the shopping experience via chatting platforms. These integrations are built on top of chatting applications to enable e-commerce features.


Pawfoo is dedicated to making nutritious, traceable, and sustainable pet snacks for your furry pals.

We achieve this by sourcing human-grade and highly nutritious ingredients, such as salmon, that local food manufacturers would normally dispose of due to aesthetic reasons.

We upcycle these ingredients into a variety of tasty pet treats validated by vets.


Solights aims to be the first solar-window company in Singapore. We strive for efficient and affordable products, aiming Sto install in every home here in Singapore. With Solights, we will allow every Singaporean to earn passively from solar energy and move away from traditional power sources to go solar. Solights, Charge Your Future.


Syte’s mission statement is to “Make Friendship Better”. It is a tool to help maintain friendships through reminders and tracking. We track users connections and poke them if they start to drift from someone they deem to be important in their life. We also provide a concierge service, removing the friction of finding a time and space for you and your friends to meet.